Dermatix Launch Campaign

Dermatix Ultra is a highly efficient scar treatment formula that helps in effective scar management.

Dermatix Launch Campaign


Dermatix is a highly effective solution for the removal of surgical scars, wound marks, and scars resulting from acne or burns. Our team has developed an eye-catching key visual that conveys the message of flawless, beautiful skin free from any imperfections.

Dermatix Launch Campaign

Dermatix Ultra is an advanced scar formula that is effective in the management of scars. It has the innovativecyclopentasiloxanetechnology for improved effects in flattening and softening scars and contains vitamin C ester, which gives the benefit of photoprotection and skin lightening. 

SKEPPER created compelling key visuals to demonstrate the significance of Dermatix in scar healing. The visuals feature a cracked gold surface, which symbolises skin, and the crack signifies scars. The message conveyed is that by using Dermatix, you can restore your skin's beauty and protect its value by healing your scars effectively.

Thevisual identityincluded a powerful messageand attractive imagerythat could convince the users of the effects of Dermatix to wipe away scars on the human body. As a result of this creative campaign, many individuals out there started to rely on Dermatix for healing scars, and the sales of Dermatix increased by a good number. 

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