Dr. Reddy's Balefio Visual Identity

The Dr. Reddy's Laboratories team in Brazil specialises in oncology, haematology, and hospital business. Four years ago, they introduced Abiraterone 250 mg, specifically created for the treatment of prostate cancer. The team was getting ready to start Abiraterone 500 mg to reduce the number of pills taken and improve patient compliance.

Dr. Reddy's Balefio Visual Identity

Easing the path for better outcomes

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories approached us to create a visual identity for Abiraterone 500 mg that is robust, efficient, affirmative, and in harmony with the messaging about the favourable impact of a decreased pill load on a patient's prostate cancer treatment journey.

Dr. Reddy's Balefio Visual Identity

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories approached us to create a visual identity for Abiraterone 500 mg for the Brazil market that highlights the message of reduced pill burden around the concepts of “convenience”and “increased adherence to the therapy.” The visual identity should showcase how the convenience of just two tablets leads to an improved quality of life for patients suffering from prostate cancer. ​ 

Our team of creators worked on developing a concept for a visual identity that effectively communicates the influence of Abiraterone 500 mg on the patient’s treatment journey. Through the key visual, we have demonstrated how the new Abiraterone dosage formulation promotes patient adherence to their treatment regimen. The idea of the concept was to showcase an image that portrays the experiences of two elderly men: the figure in the background struggles under the burden of four heavy bags, symbolising the four Abiraterone 250 mg tablets he must transport. In contrast, the foreground figure moves with ease, carrying only two bags, symbolising the newly introduced Abiraterone 500 mg tablets to be taken twice daily, which unburdens the patient's journey. 

We successfully created a strong visual identity that portrays the emotion of how taking four pills each day burdens the patient and makes their journey extremely difficult. ​The key visual developed for Abiraterone 500, with its unique visual elements, helped the product to stand out and communicate its distinct features and benefits. Abiraterone's well-crafted visual identity conveyed important information and built trust and credibility among healthcare professionals.  

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