Gems Campaign Logo

Alliance Markets conducts a unique rewards and recognition programme called GEMS. This programme aimed to boost employee morale and motivate them to work harder towards the company's goals.

Gems Campaign Logo


Viatris's Alliance R & R Programme is a programme that is implemented to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and contributions of its employees.

Gems Campaign Logo

We were approached by the Viatris team, who expressed their interest in having us design a logo for their programme, GEMS. In addition to that, they also required our assistance in creating various emailers and recognition templates for different themes.​ 

As per the specifications provided, the logo we designed showcased the word GEMS, with the letter "M" creatively represented in the form of a medal with a star at the centre. The star at the centre of the medal signifies the medal as a precious jewel and represents the recognition and appreciation that GEMS seeks to provide its employees. Our team carefully selected colours and typography that would convey a sense of professionalism and modernity while also communicating the company's focus on recognition and appreciation. We also designed recognition templates in which we created 3D characters that represented the key messages "Own It", "Stay Agile", "Be Real", and "Take Pride". 

The logo design we created for GEMS effectively conveyed the company's focus on recognising and rewarding its employees. The design elements, including the choice of colours, typography, and imagery, were carefully selected to create a modern, professional look that aligns with the company's values and vision. By maintaining consistency in design elements and aligning our designs with the client's vision, we were able to create cohesive and effective logo and recognition templates.​ 

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