National Sales Meet Logo

Every year, Viatris holds a national sales meets to encourage the sales force and motivate them to continue doing better at their work.

National Sales Meet Logo


At the client’s request, we created a great logo and motivational video for the national sales meet. This helped to create an emotional aura with the sales force and made each individual feel important.

National Sales Meet Logo

For its national sales meeting every year, Viatris, the leading global pharma brand, encourages and motivates its employees through a variety of media. The company's theme for this meeting was "We turn on the horizon of new possibilities". We were asked to create a logo for this event with the theme as the centerpiece.

We created a creative logo and a powerful motivational video for Viatris for their National Sales Meet - Poland. The logo included elements that communicated  the theme. A power-on symbol is added to a fingerprint image along with the logo text. The video developed  by our Motion Graphics team  helped  to communicate the theme in a powerful way.

The logo was helpful in communicating the theme at first sight. The theme "We turn on the horizon of new possibilities" was included in text form with the logo and the video.

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