Viatris New Zealand GameShow

Viatris New Zealand hosts its annual National Sales Conference to honor, incentivize, and inspire its sales force. In 2024, the management sought to elevate the conference experience with an interactive session to maintain high energy and ensure its success.

Viatris New Zealand GameShow

Igniting Inspiration and Collaboration at Viatris NZ's National Sales Conference

Our web development team executed the concept of Kaun Banega Crorepati with an intuitive user interface and seamless functionality that fostered collective learning.

Viatris New Zealand GameShow

Viatris tasked us with devising a game that would foster enthusiasm and interaction among the sales team and leadership. The game needed to captivate both leaders and team members, with the goal of engaging and motivating sales representatives throughout the conference.

Our team conceived a game concept reminiscent of Kaun Banega Crorepati, featuring multiple rounds, lifelines, a point system, tie-breakers, and a grand prize round. This approach injected a sense of competitiveness and excitement into the conference, with participants vying for the ultimate prize from the Viatris NZ team.

The Skepper web development team executed the project flawlessly, delivering a game with an intuitive user interface and seamless functionality. The game sparked healthy competition and camaraderie among team members while fostering collective learning. Sales representatives eagerly tackled sales-related questions, aiming to secure the coveted grand prize. The session proved to be a resounding success, achieving its objectives and leaving the entire team thoroughly entertained.

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