Viatris Urinary Tract Infection Booklet

A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) can be a severe health condition seen commonly in women. Often found in the bladder or urethra, although more severe infections may include the kidneys.

Viatris Urinary Tract Infection Booklet


To make it easier for women to learn about urinary tract infections (UTIs), we created an illustrated booklet that outlines the condition in detail. This is beneficial for all women as UTIs can occur in any woman, so it's important to become informed about how to deal with it, and most importantly, how to prevent it.

Viatris Urinary Tract Infection Booklet

Urinary tract infections are commonly encountered in women and are generally limited to the bladder or urethra, although more severe cases can affect the kidney. Viatris reached out to us to create a booklet that contains helpful illustrations and informative text about UTIs. They wanted to focus on the most common type of UTI - a bladder infection (cystitis), which causes symptoms such as frequent urination, burning with urination, and lower abdominal pain.

To convey information about UTIs creatively, we designed an informative and visually appealing booklet. It included facts about the causes, symptoms, and solutions of urinary tract infections. To further explain the severity of this issue to women, we crafted unique illustrations that demonstrated the difficulty they experience. This allowed us to not only emphasise the complexity of UTIs but also the resilience and courage of women in managing them.

By providing helpful illustrations and informative text, the urinary tract booklet was especially useful for women as well as HCPs (Health Care Professionals). 

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