Wellness 3D Explainer Video

Pain in a body part is often ignored. However, pain can lead to a major issue and hence, addressing it is as important as treating it instead of letting it hinder our day-to-day lives.

Wellness 3D Explainer Video

Viatris, the global pharmaceutical brand approached us to create a video that would discuss the fact that ignoring pain can lead to major issues, making it important to address and treat. It can also be inconvenient, hindering day-to-day life. The client asked us to create a video raising awareness about pain and encouraging people to take it seriously, focusing on the message, "No one should have to live with pain; you are the best person to do something about it.” 

We created an explainer video that aims to spread awareness about body pain. The video explains that pain is something we all must live with, but it’s worth finding out why. The video illustrates different types of pain, including knee pain, low back pain, oral pain, tummy pain, and ankle pain, and explains the possible causes, including poor posture, heavy lifting, and diet. It also highlights that pain can fall into the categories of acute or chronic, with chronic pain having the potential to impact a person's mental and physical health. 

We successfully produced a video educating people on various types of pain, their causes, and how pain can fall into acute or chronic. We emphasised that chronic pain could have an impact on both physical and mental health. Our message was clear: "No one should have to live with pain; you are the best person to do something about it." Through this video, we could convey Viatris' message - to encourage people to act and seek help for their pain before it becomes a more significant problem.​ 

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