3 Key Marketing Insights To Gain From Behavioral Science: For Marketers
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

3 Key Marketing Insights To Gain From Behavioral Science: For Marketers

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It is no news that incorporating behavioral science into your brand marketing strategy can immensely improve your marketing efforts. Not only does it help gain better insights into your consumer’s habits and behavior, but also maximizes your marketing effectiveness.

Here’s why we marketers should pay careful attention to this field.

1. For A Standout Customer Experience

Every consumer has a unique experience with your brand- and it is behavioral marketing techniques that make fully understanding the variables and combinations an impossible task to create a blueprint for success. This is where behavioral science has a major role to play in better understanding how consumers think and the various individual and contextual influences at play.

Customer experience is all about the customer journey made up of numerous touchpoints. As a brand marketer, if you are using behavioral science in this journey, you can better develop a map for different “personas” based on their interaction with your brand. And this process can change everything- from the strategy’s structure to its execution solidifying the foundation of your marketing campaign by offering a customer a sense of control.

2For Deeper Market Insights

Behavioral science also offers the psychology of marketing at large. It humanizes the individual interaction between your brand and the customer further. 

Various behavioral models can help you to better map the goals, the contexts and behavior of every consumer. Models like COM-B or ISM assign values to an existing framework based on a certain type of audience.

The COM- B model is governed by 3 factors- Capability, Opportunity, and Motivation- working together into a cohesive pattern of behavior, distilling itself into an understandable model. It identifies areas of wider behavior change taking place within a given audience. 

The ISM Model uses 3 pillars- Individual, Social, and Material to understand engagement within customers amidst their immediate sphere of influence and the wider market.  

Implementing such models in your strategy can work miraculously, however, if and only deployed effectively.  

3For Stronger Consumer Connections 

The valuable data and insights gathered from implementing behavioral science will now help you to strategize in total alignment for your marketing efforts to meet the psychological and functional needs of the customer. This also goes for the distribution strategy that must align with the behavioral insights.

Finally, mapping your brand strategy on all this- including pricing and packaging- is to be tailored to cater to your targeted audience for a frictionless onboarding process with a value addition to the consumer’s life.

Therefore, from where we started, it all boils down to one fact- the importance of behavioral science in marketing strategy and how it can make the same improved and more effective.

At The Skepper, we use this field of science in branding to bring real change to your brand and your brand’s customers. Our team of experts assists across your campaign and brings your brand further to life. To learn more about how effectively we can do the same for you, get in touch with us today.