Advertising’s hidden design and its impact on our culture
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

Advertising’s hidden design and its impact on our culture

We see a lot of stuff every day. Hidden advertising messages are all around us: articles, videos, social media posts, photographs, and so on – yet don’t seem to care how it affects our lives. You may not realise it, but knowledge has a significant impact on how you connect with others, what you watch and read.  

Let us look at what Brand ads and Direct ads are.

Brand ads are used to establish and build a connection with a user over time, and performance based/direct response ads, which are used to drive an immediate action from a user. For example: Most of the ads we see daily on TV, radio, billboards, an imprinted mug, etc.


Direct advertising, also known as direct marketing, is a type of solicitation or advertisement that comes directly from a company or its distribution agents. It’s almost always about a brand’s offering to a customer, based on a segmented audience’s willingness or capacity to acquire anything.

The Challenge of New Media

Media businesses can’t tell if they’re selling brand or direct advertisements. Many others who wish to buy these advertisements are also undecided.

The brand marketers are the ones who go first in most forms of media. Brands having a budget to spend on new media that was valued by early adopters were the first to buy banner advertisements, podcast commercials, or Facebook ads. 

Direct marketers, on the other hand, aren’t concerned with the medium; they’re concerned with the reaction. As a result, there’s a significant disconnect, a friction, between what the medium desires (a fantastic podcast, an authoritative website, a social network with personality) and what the direct marketer desires (measurable clicks).

Detect Hidden Advertising Messages on the Internet

Every digital marketer understands that advertising is a never-ending war between businesses and their customers. Customers use ad blocking software, while businesses create clever ways to market their products and services. As a result, marketers must always be one step ahead of the competition and seek out innovative ways to advertise and sell. 

To understand hidden advertising better, let’s look at some of the most popular sorts of subliminal messages employed by digital marketers to entice clients.

– Paid References and Comments

Contact the right people at the right time and ask them to write some positive comments about your product or service.

– Review Articles on forums, blogs, and news outlets

Simply construct a typical buyer profile and write a product or service review.

– Hidden instructions

Websites should be simple to navigate, and marketing message should be clear and concise. Proper integrated articles, videos, forum comments and social media posts provide instruction on how to use one can acquire a product or service, which simplifies the buying process and enhances Return on Investment (ROI).

To summarise, Hidden advertising is the future. Traditional marketing and natural digital marketing will, of course, continue to be used. However, marketers will have to rely more on trustworthiness and subliminal signals to acquire a competitive advantage over competitors swiftly and efficiently.

The world is evolving, and you must stay on the same page as your target audience or risk being left behind.