Must to have elements in Brand Identity
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

Must to have elements in Brand Identity

We are living in an age where advertising is a dominant field, an area of expertise that can influence the choices and perceptions of people. However, advertising is a competing race where each brand is trying to win it by being noticed and leaving a memorable and loyal factor in its customer’s mind. So, we would like to make your journey easy and shine a light on some elements that your brand should contain which will help to enhance its visibility. 

Name of the brand

Naming a brand is similar to naming your child. You want it to be simple yet memorable. You want the name to be unique yet easy to register. In short, your brand name must be simple, unique, and memorable if you’re looking to stay in the competition and maybe even win the race.

Keep the Audience in mind

If you’re looking to boost your brand then you have to keep in mind who is this brand for? Who is the right target audience? Who will this brand be suitable for? Your brand message, it’s visual and look and feel should cater to the right target audience. 


A brand is recognized by its logo and hence it is safe to say that should focus on bringing about the best logo possible. To win the competing race your logo should be simple, unique, appropriate, and memorable. Your logo must be successful in conveying your company’s message and voice.

Look and Feel

A brand identity is made strong by following a consistent design pattern and strategy. This consistency in style is achieved by a brand book. A brand book has information regarding the look and feel, font types, size, design, layouts, etc. A brand book helps the brand to not make mistakes and follow a certain pattern that defines the brand. 

Unique Selling Point

How is your brand different? What is it that you can give us and other brands can’t? What is special about your brand? So, when you are focusing on your brand identity make sure you focus on incorporating points that make your brand unique. 

Find a different route and don’t show us something we’ve already seen. 



Apart from just the logo, a tagline also is extremely important and a great element for brand identity. Taglines should be memorable and have an effective Call to Action which would help us to determine if the brand can engage its target audience or not.


The typeface and brand font that is utilized can be following the logo or can be something completely different. Make sure that the typography matches well with other brand elements otherwise it can all become extremely complicated. 

Once the font is selected, it has to be used in every piece of collateral and material that is produced by the brand. 

Apart from the above elements that help to make your brand identity, there are also the shape, graphics, content, brand story, etc. Remember a great brand identity pulls customers towards it and makes your brand memorable in the market.