The future of advertising
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

The future of advertising

Advertising is an ever-evolving field that thrives on change and innovation. The advertising industry is undergoing drastic innovation and changes. The future of advertising is unpredictable, but all the more promising.  Advertising is fast evolving, from conventional mode to a more creative and result-oriented strategy. This transition is going to continue. Thus, advertising is going to change, but how radically 

– well that is the real question!

Marketing Clouds will prevail

Marketing clouds are extremely crucial as they control the creation and management of marketing relationships and manage campaigns with customers. . It will become standard to integrate solutions for customer journey management, email, mobile, social, web personalization, advertising, content handling, and analytics.

Artificial Intelligence is the solution

We all are aware that AI supports decision-making and also analyzes consumer behavior. With the help of AI, campaigns are more effective and their performance is better. In short, AI actually understands consumers better than they do themselves.

Always use context

In digital advertising, we make sure to use context. Ads are selected and placed by automated systems, based on ever more detailed user-profiles and the content displayed. The increase in mobile and location-based advertising strengthens this trend.

Broadcasting Media loses its dominance

There is no denying that after print, traditional linear TV also loses its importance. The digital platform is the king – generating content all over the internet and winning people’s hearts one by one. 

Advertising will become personalized

Advertising will also become more personalized. A study by Rocket Fuel found that 80% of Millennials see value in brands engaging them with personalized advertising and offers.

So, fasten yourself for the change, get ready to go with the trends, keep up with the pace and turn out to be winners in the race!