Tips on product photography
Binoy S Parakat
by Binoy S Parakat

Tips on product photography

Gone are the days when people used to spend hours and hours visiting their favourite shops. The pandemic has changed the way people shop for products. Digital stores have replaced physical stores and customers prefer online shopping for convenience and safety. They check in to online stores and order products just after seeing the product images. The brands that display better product images have a high chance of conversions than poorly displayed competitors. 

This means product photography is highly essential as it provides the consumer a peek at how your product looks. The photograph controls the purchase. Thus, today we will shine a light on some tips that can help you to make product photography better. 

1. Don’t forget to focus

You must work on your focus. Don’t forget your product should be in clear focus, otherwise, the customer will not be satisfied by the way the product has been displayed. A consumer should find it easy to see what you’re trying to sell. So, gear up on your photography skills to ensure some purchases!

2. Play with the background

To make your photograph and the product appealing you can always experiment and play around with the background. For example, if you’re trying to sell a cupboard – then make sure to put some clothes in the cupboard to showcase its sturdiness and to enhance its effectiveness.  

The background plays an important role in selling a product. It helps to talk about the utility of the product. You can also play with bright and contrasting colors to bring more eyes to your main product.  


Want to sell a bag – make a model hold it!  

3. Choose the best angle for your product 

Make sure to make the photograph interesting. Even though the product may not be very appealing, your angle and the way you click it can attract many eyes. You should understand how you want your product to look.  

It’s best to take multiple shots of the product from various angles to understand which sells the best.  

You can lay your product flat, a low-angle shot, straight on photography, or even macro photography. 

It’s time to experiment! 

4. Know your camera and the light 

If you’re clicking professionally, one is suggested to use a professional camera. People can use their phones as well, but of course, the quality will not be at par as compared to a professional camera.  

One should try and use a tripod as it provides sturdiness and gets your picture in the frame and angle you desire.  

You should also know your lighting. The photograph can be clicked either using natural light or studio light. If the shoot is outdoors, then you have to wait for the perfect natural light. However, if you’re shooting for a website or an E-commerce platform then studio lighting is important.  


As a photographer – you need to work with the best lighting accessories. 

5. Fine-polish your photographs

As soon as the photograph is shot, one has to see it to make sure of its turned out the way you wanted it to. In case, it hasn’t – you will have to edit them to create the magic.  

For example, your photograph is at a great angle and looks nice but the light is lacking? Then you will have to edit the photograph on the chosen editing software and bring your great-looking photograph to awesome looking.  

So, in this digital world, your photographs can play a vital role. A person would want to purchase the product if your photograph captures it appealingly. Remember you have the power to persuade.  


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