Why a Testimonial Video Is Critical for Your Brand
Ranjith R
by Ranjith R

Why a Testimonial Video Is Critical for Your Brand

Yes, every social media platform be it Facebook, Instagram, etc – they are flooded with videos!


However, today we are here not to talk about just any video; but testimonial videos. These are extremely crucial to improve your brand’s image and also they help to build strong customer relationships. With testimonial videos, your customer can hear the actual truth about your brand (positive or negative), and that helps you to make better decisions. 

Below we are laying down 5 reasons why testimonial videos are important

Higher Retention Rate

A study has proven that videos have a 95% more retention rate as compared to normal text. Conveying a message through video will help the message to stick to people’s minds for a longer time as compared to reading a text


What are you waiting for? Start creating engaging testimonial videos and convey your brand’s service/products via interesting visuals. 

They trigger people’s emotions 

It’s important to build an emotional connection with the viewers, this helps to open doors for trust. Testimonial videos will help you to win the hearts of your customers and also generate much emotional connection. When you hear the experience of someone else; it automatically triggers the emotion of the viewer. 

Builds brand trust

Word of mouth is an effective tool that helps businesses to build trust with their audience. There is no denying that people trust people more as compared to statistics. Showing testimonials of happy customers will motivate the viewers to trust and buy the product. Thus, many companies today are using testimonial videos to enhance trust and loyalty from customers. 

They convert more leads 

Testimonial videos are highly effective in making the customer trust in your brand, thus leading to more conversions. By showcasing testimonial videos; your customer can understand more about your product and how it functions. 

Improves social proof

Social proof is an important factor that aids in making the right decision. Testimonial videos include customer reviews and help to generate trust. When one publishes amazing customer testimonial videos on social platforms – it becomes easy to get your customer’s attention and build a strong bond with them.  

So, we all are aware that testimonial videos are the easiest way to satisfy people and inspire them to believe in your brand. The reasons listed above will explain to you why 80% of organizations add testimonial videos as a crucial part of their marketing strategy. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to make some testimonial videos that will lead to more conversions and connections.