AMI Website

A career landing page is the anchor of candidate sourcing and recruitment channels of any brands. A well designed landing page can convert a visitor into an applicant.

AMI Website


We executed a career landing page for AMI India by incorporating freshness and engagement to attract top talent, educate them about AMI India and convert them into applicants.

AMI Website

AMI India wanted to create a landing page that encourage employees to apply for open job applications in India targeting Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. A landing page is a standalone web page, where an employee “lands” after they click on a link through email, or ads which is directed from LinkedIn, Indeed, Naukri, Twitter, or other similar platforms across the digital space.

The idea was to construct a landing page and enlighten potential employees about the job openings at AMI India. To accomplish the mission, our team Skepper designed a career landing page in which we emphasised the company, culture, career-oriented blogs and its people. It also showcases the process of the organisation and how every individual will be able to have an experience when they walk in for an interview at AMI.

As a result, we came up with a refreshing and aesthetically designed landing page with specific guidelines that will help every individual who surf across the web page. Any job-seeker or those who show interest in AMI will be able to navigate, and absorb relevant information about the job openings. We also included a separate FAQ section which provides crystal-clear guidance on how they can prepare themselves to enter the organisation.

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