Argitektur Brand Strategy

Architectural rendering is a creation of 3D images of a proposed architectural design. It illustrates the life like experience of how a space or a building will look before it is completely built.

Argitektur Brand Strategy


We created a website to a large spectrum of target audience, showcasing the projects achieved by the brand.

Argitektur Brand Strategy

Argitektur is a multi-disciplinary architectural 3D visualisation company offering exterior visualisation, interior design, 3D floor plans, 3D virtual tours, and custom project design. The client approached us to create a brand identity for Argitektur. The purpose of the brand identity was to inform other designers and the internal team what the style guide of Argitektur was and to maintain consistency while working on the brand.  

We researched about the brand and understood what Argitektur is about and what it communicates. After research, we found that the brand is about buildings, and keeping that in mind we thought about creating the logo. We recognised that the brand was sophisticated and elegant, and so the logo was professional, and the typography and fonts also adhered to a professional style. We aimed to base the brand identity on professionalism and elegance.  

We researched the brand, and as per the creative brief, we created a logo that showcased the Argitektur rendering. After approval, we also went ahead and created the entire brand identity for Argitektur; this included the font, colours, icons, design elements, images, guidelines to be followed, etc. The brand book was appreciated by the client and approved in the very first instance itself. 

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