Novoeight Calendar

Novoeight, a product of Novo Nordisk, is used to treat haemophilia. Haemophilia is a mostly inherited genetic disorder that impairs the body’s ability to make blood clots, a process needed to stop bleeding.

Novoeight Calendar


Our designers created a digital calendar that was able to educate children and their parents alike. The crux behind the idea was that the product could be carried with children anywhere and everywhere, and thanks to the product, a child could indulge in activities that a regular child with haemophilia could not.

Novoeight Calendar

The medication Novoeight, developed by Novo Nordisk, is utilised for treating haemophilia, an inherited genetic disorder that affects the body’s clotting ability, leading to prolonged bleeding after injury, increased susceptibility to bruising, and a higher risk of bleeding inside joints or the brain. Our creators were requested to design a tabletop calendar with digital illustrations intended for children.

The request was made to our creators to produce a tabletop calendar featuring digital illustrations, and we decided to pursue the idea of “My Novoeight, My Companion.”

Our design team developed a digital calendar with the ability to educate both children and their parents. The main idea was to make the product easily portable so that children could use it anytime and anywhere. With this innovative calendar, children with haemophilia could engage in activities that were not possible before. Our client was impressed with our work and appreciated our efforts.

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