Beating Diabetes Logo

Viatris wanted to produce a video series, which will be showcased on Viatris Connect, to promote education and awareness of Diabetes Key Opinion Leaders on topics related to Diabetes.

Beating Diabetes Logo


The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is a global organisation comprising 240+ national diabetes associations in 160 countries and territories, advocating for people with diabetes and those at risk since 1950.

Beating Diabetes Logo

Viatris approached us to design a logo for their video series, which will be promoted on Viatris Connect and requested two options: one based on acronyms and the other using descriptive elements- that would clearly communicate the purpose of it all while emphasising the disease.​

We created a logo for the video series featuring a fist, symbolising the forceful impact on the word "diabetes". The logo was centred to highlight its intensity, with subtle elements added for emphasis. The word "diabetes" was intentionally deranged to signify the impact. A well-placed play button on the top allowed easy access to informative videos on to beat diabetes during the event.​ 

As per the brief, which outlined the goals and objectives for the project, our team designed the logo that effectively communicated the key message of "Beating Diabetes." It was successful in its intended purpose of raising awareness and promoting the importance of beating diabetes. The consistent use of the logo throughout the video series helps to reinforce the message and create a strong brand identity. It was well-received by the client and helped to create a lasting impact on the cause.

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