Brufenact POS materials

We designed a brochure and POS materials for Viatris as a part of the pre-launch of Brufenact, which will be distributed in various pharmacies.

Brufenact POS materials


Brufenact is a safe and effective non-prescription medication that provides short-term relief for mild to moderate pain and fever. It is designed for use by adults, adolescents, and children weighing 20 kg or more (ages 7 and up).

Brufenact POS materials

Brufenact is an over-the-counter medication that relieves mild to moderate pain and fever. Suitable for adults, adolescents, and children weighing over 20 kg (7 years or older). Our client approached us to create a targeted marketing campaign for Brufenact, including a brochure for pharmacies and eye-catching point-of-sale materials that will help spread the word about the product.​

After receiving the key reference from the client, our team brainstormed and collaborated to recreate the visual representation for Brufenact. We ultimately decided on recreating the visual provided by the client that features a Siren symbolising an emergency, as it effectively communicates the urgency of the medication. The Siren was incorporated into the overall design, which was adapted to all point-of-sale (POS) materials. ​

As per the instructions and after following the guidelines, our team designed visually appealing POS materials that communicated the key aspects of the product and spread the word. The POS material not only stood out for its creativity but also performed well. All the POS materials were well appreciated by the clients and placed across various platforms.​

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