Marzine is a tablet that helps avoid any form of travel sickness and nausea. It’s great for people who love to travel and delve in new adventures.



We ideated key visuals for Marzine that will aid in engaging and captivating the target audience (mainly travelers who love to explore) The visual concepts were for a social media campaign. Keeping all travellers in mind, we created engaging key visuals and taglines.


Skepper was approached to create visually appealing content for Marzine, a tablet designed to prevent travel sickness and nausea. We had to ideate the key visuals that aimed at engaging and captivating the target audience, particularly travellers with a passion for exploration.

We developed captivating visual concepts and taglines for a social media campaign to appeal to a wide range of travellers. Our goal is to entice both seasoned and new adventurers to utilise Marzine for their travels without any apprehension towards driving, flying, or sailing.

Our objective with these visuals was to highlight the advantages of the brand and its worth, enabling the audience to better understand its significance. We conveyed the message effectively through the use of visual aids.

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