CB12 Internal Launch Video

CB12 is a powerful solution that effectively prevents and treats bad breath by quickly neutralising the malodorous sulphur gases that are often present in the mouth. By eliminating these gases, CB12 provides immediate and long-lasting results, leaving your breath fresh and odour-free for up to 12 hours.

CB12 Internal Launch Video

CB12 is a highly effective solution that not only prevents but also treats bad breath by neutralising the sulphur gases that are present in the mouth. Halitosis, a condition that causes bad breath, is a common problem that affects many people, and CB12 has been specifically designed to combat this issue. Viatris recognised the importance of effectively communicating the key features and benefits of the product to its internal team. They approached our team to create a video for the internal launch of CB12, which would serve as a comprehensive guide to the product's benefits, features, and usage.​

We developed a 2D animated launch video for CB12 intending to demonstrate its effectiveness in treating Halitosis. Our team created a storyboard that outlined how the video would progress, and we opted to include text-based graphics to facilitate viewer comprehension. The video commenced with an overview of Halitosis, including its causes and prevalence, followed by an introduction to CB12 as the ultimate solution. The video also highlighted the product's features, and we utilised a water rinse effect in the background to reinforce CB12's messaging and branding throughout the video.​

The video we created proved to be highly effective in conveying the launch of the CB12 product. We succeeded in communicating the key message to our audience and engaged them throughout the video. Our team ensured that the video's content was well-structured and presented, which helped our audience understand the product's value proposition.

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