Dalsy Social Media Campaign

Fever and body pain in children are common occurrences. Dalsy, a Viatris sub-brand, is a medicine that relieves fever and body pain in children and contains the active ingredient Ibuprofen.

Dalsy Social Media Campaign


We created a content strategy and social media campaign for Dalsy that would help increase awareness and visibility of the product while engaging with the community of parents.

Dalsy Social Media Campaign

Dalsy, a brand of Viatris, is a medicine for the relief of fever and pain in children and contains Ibuprofen as an active ingredient. The age group is infants from 3 months to children of 12 years. Dalsy has 2 SKUs with the flavours: strawberry and orange. The objective of the project was to create a strategy and content plan to increase the visibility of the product and engagement with the community through easy and useful content for their day-to-day life. 

Our team at Skepper developed a specific creative strategy with branded hashtags of #Dalsyguide #Dalsyhealth #Dalsyhealth, and #Dalsydays that easily set the goals of the client and highlight the content: educating parents, games, brain development activities, and healthy snacks to do with kids, mixed with product features posts, we made it easier to see all the posts related to the campaign.

Our team of dedicated designers collaborated to give vision to visuals and make the imagination realistic. Stunning and eye-catching visuals were created that would arouse interest among children and adults with the colour palettes of Dalsy two flavours of strawberry and orange, i.e., pink, and orange, and violet and yellow. Upon submitting these to the client, they were pleased with our work and praised us for our dedication as well as for our timeliness. 

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