Zeforus Illustration

Our client, Viatris, approached us to recreate a key visual that was already being used in the US market. They wanted us to create key visuals that were aligned with the Indian market and connected with the Indian audience.

Zeforus Illustration


Migraine is a neurological disorder characterised by recurrent headaches that can cause severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation, usually on one side of the head. Zeforus is a prescribed medicine for migraine by Viatris.

Zeforus Illustration

Zeforus, Viatris' prescribed medicine, is used for managing migraine. Viatris wanted us to recreate key visuals with a concept that was already being used in the US market. However, the requirement for these key visuals was that they should be suitable for the Indian market. 

Our creators ideated options that were along the lines of the main concept. We focused on creating visuals that portrayed that, despite the patient having migraine issues, he/she can lead a normal life with the help of Zeforus. We created two visuals where a mother is seen holding her head due to migraine pain. In the same image, we showed how after Zeforus was administered, the mother is seen playing and spending time with her child.

We successfully created two key visuals for Zeforus. The two key visuals were created in indoor and outdoor settings which conveyed the message that migraine can occur anywhere at any time. However, with Zeforus, patients can return to their daily activities. The visuals were created as per the demographic of the audience and were appreciated by the client.

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