Dermafresh Amazon Brand Store

Dermafresh is an effective derma medicine for all skin types, that has earned trust for its benefits and features.

Dermafresh Amazon Brand Store


Viatris, the global pharmaceutical company, approached us to create design layouts for Dermafresh's brand store on Amazon around some specifics for their desired layout.

Dermafresh Amazon Brand Store

Dermafresh is a key product known for brightening ingredients that help in maintain hydration and moisture levels for all skin types. Its efficacy and suitability for all skin types have earned it high trust among consumers. Viatris wanted to develop the brand store layouts for Dermafresh on Amazon, based on their specific requirements and design preferences.​

After reviewing the references provided by the client, we made adjustments to the visuals, incorporating new patterns where necessary. After working on a few options, we presented those to the client, who selected one particular style.

As per the client's suggestion, we worked on a particular style, which was then adapted across all the web pages. We implemented the key aspects into the brand store, which effectively communicated about Dermafresh and fulfilled the requirements of the client. The client was extremely happy with our work and appreciated our quick turnaround time.

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