Duphalac POS campaign

Duphalac, a non-absorbable sugar laxative, is a trusted solution for treating constipation, ensuring bowel movement, and stool softening. Its safety makes it suitable for the entire family, including pregnant women.

Duphalac POS campaign

Unlocking Comfort through a Powerful OTC Constipation Solution

The project targets the OTC launch of Duphalac in Portugal, positioning it as the top choice for constipation relief. The goal is to establish an immediate consumer association, making Duphalac synonymous with gentle and effective constipation relief.

Duphalac POS campaign

Duphalac is a non-absorbable sugar laxative used to treat constipation by increasing bowel movements and softening stool. It is safe for the whole family, including pregnant women. The project aimed to create an OTC campaign for Duphalac in Portugal, positioning it as the go-to brand for effective and gentle constipation relief and emphasising its positive impact on improving quality of life.​

The visual identity and POS materials revolve around emphasising the relief and positive impact of Duphalac offers. Through personifying an unused, sad-faced toilet paper roll, we creatively depict the emotional and health effects of constipation and Duphalac's role in providing relief. The tagline, "Sad faces? Not anymore," reinforces the idea of a constipation-free life with Duphalac.​

The visual identity for the OTC campaign for Duphalac creates a strong brand recall. The campaign's visual elements generate an instant association with constipation, showcasing how Duphalac is a go-to brand for constipation and how it improves individuals' quality of life by providing safe and effective relief from constipation discomfort.​

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