Acnacalm Visual Identity

The global pharmaceutical brand, Viatris, sought to introduce its acne management cream, Acnacalm, to the Indian market. Our task was to create key visuals for internal training sessions and modules as per the client's request. Acnacalm is a daily prescribed cream for acne management.

Acnacalm Visual Identity


We created key visuals for the Acnacalm launch in the Indian market, highlighting its impact and effectiveness on acne-prone skin. Our goal was to communicate the unique features of Acnacalm and generate excitement among our target audience about the product's ability to address their skincare needs.

Acnacalm Visual Identity

The objective of Viatris was to introduce Acnacalm to the Indian market. Our task was to design impactful key visuals that could effectively demonstrate the advantages and impact of Acnacalm on skin prone to acne. These visuals would be utilised during internal training sessions and modules to educate on the product's effectiveness.

Our team created a key visual for Acnacalm, a clinically tested brand that champions acne-free skin. The visual features a protective layer fighting acne for a teenage girl, symbolising Acnacalm's ability to promote a confident and happy appearance by effectively treating acne-prone skin. The tagline "A Blow on Acne's Face" emphasises Acnacalm's gentle yet effective approach to winning the battle against acne. The visual also showcases the girl's happiness after seeing her acne vanish, delivering a strong message.

We developed impactful key visuals for Acnacalm, which are intended for internal training sessions and modules to educate users about the product's efficacy. The visuals primarily highlight how Acnacalm keeps the skin moisturized while purifying and cleansing it.

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