Immunity pertains to the existence of antibodies that target particular diseases within the human body. These antibodies are proteins that are manufactured by the body to counteract or eradicate toxins.



We designed a social media marketing initiative to raise brand recognition and establish Echinacin’s market presence as an effective enhancer of natural immunity, ultimately resulting in higher sales.


Echinacin Liquidum is a German-made natural herbal preparation for strengthening immunity in adults and children above four years of age. The client approached us to create a social media campaign. The aim of the campaign would be to increase brand awareness on social media platforms along with increasing sales of Echinacin Liquidum.

To meet the requirements of the client our idea was to create an exciting digital campaign for Echinacin. We followed a unique and an innovative path where we demonstrated how the world would be with and without Echinacin Liquidum. We showcased how personal lives will be disturbed without the product and how smooth it will be with it. The campaign was well executed, and a lot of creativity and thought was put behind it for its success.

The social media campaign was well executed from the beginning till the end. It successfully catered to the needs of the client and the campaign led to increase in the sales of Echinacin. With an aim towards a community approach, the campaign led to increased brand awareness as well, leading to increase in number of followers on various social media platforms.

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