Iraq Cycle Meet Motivational Video

The Viatris Cycle Meet is an annual meeting held by Viatris every year, where key stakeholders gather to discuss and reflect on the company's business performance and achievements from the previous year. The meeting is hosted in a different country each year.

Iraq Cycle Meet Motivational Video

The Viatris Cycle Meet is an annual gathering of key stakeholders, executives, and investors to reflect on the company's performance and achievements. The team at Viatris reached out to us with a request to create a motivational video for their upcoming annual meet for Iraq Cycle Meet. The video was intended to inspire team members by promoting themes like 1. focusing on the mission, 2. aiming for the right goal, and 3. acting without delay. Our target audience for this video are those in the CV, Pain, CNS, and Derma fields.

We created a storyboard that captured our client's vision. The video began with a striking visual of three individuals, one looking ahead towards their goal, and the other two trekking up a mountain. The scene then transitioned to a globe which zooms quickly to the place Iraq, where the annual meet is to be held. The voiceover rendition emphasised the importance of teamwork, winning, and success. The video then focused on Viatris' mission of providing high-quality medicines in different therapeutic areas, including CV, Pain, CNS, and Derma, with visually engaging frames showcasing how the company is empowering people worldwide to lead healthier lives. The supers reiterated the themes of focus, aim, and growth, inspiring the Viatris team to strive for excellence.​

The teaser video that we created for the Viatris Cycle Meet was a resounding success in spreading the word among the team. It not only generated excitement and anticipation for the upcoming meet but also provided valuable insights into the company's mission and goals. The use of visually appealing graphics, coupled with a compelling voiceover, effectively communicated the message, leaving a lasting impact on the viewers.​

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