Fosroc Event Backdrops

Fosroc is a leading manufacturer of specialist chemicals for the construction industry, providing high-quality products and expert technical support to meet construction needs. They have a range of concrete admixtures, liquid additives, and more that help to achieve the desired durability in concrete structures.

Fosroc Event Backdrops

Building excellence with Fosroc's advanced chemicals

We were approached by Fosroc to create two captivating backdrops for their internal events. The objective was to design backdrops that effectively represented Fosroc's brand and showcased their expertise in manufacturing specialist chemicals for the construction industry.

Fosroc Event Backdrops

Fosroc approached us with the requirement to design captivating backdrops for their internal events. The challenge was to create designs that would engage the target audience, which included two groups–masons and painters, and another group which is the tile fitters, while effectively conveying the event's agenda and showcasing Fosroc's brand identity.

Our idea was to develop backdrops that would capture the essence of each niche within the construction industry. For the backdrop targeting masons and painters, we incorporated elements such as tools, brushes, and finished walls to represent their craft. Similarly, for the backdrop targeting tile fitters, we included tile patterns, tools, and installation visuals to showcase their expertise.

We successfully developed two unique backdrops, each catering to a specific segment within the construction industry. Our integrated elements in the design, such as tools, brushes, and finished walls, showcased each group's expertise. Throughout the design, we ensured a consistent visual theme by prominently incorporating Fosroc's signature red colour.

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