HCP 90 Sec Event Teaser Video

Our team was approached by Viatris, a global pharmaceutical company, with a request to create a teaser video for their upcoming webinar. The purpose of the teaser was to generate interest and create awareness about the webinar among the target audience, i.e., the HCPs.

HCP 90 Sec Event Teaser Video

The 2022 Unyted Healthcare webinar was an important event that provided a platform for healthcare professionals from different fields to come together and discuss the challenges and potential solutions for health issues such as kidney stones, overactive bladder (OAB), benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and erectile dysfunction (ED). Recognising the importance of spreading awareness about the webinar, Viatris, a global pharmaceutical company, approached our team with the task of creating a teaser video to promote the event among the target audience of healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Our team closely collaborated with Viatris to create a storyboard for the teaser video, keeping in mind the specifications and objectives of the project. The opening scene of the video depicted a car playing on the road and reaching the gate of a building, where the combined logo of Viatris and Unyted Care was prominently displayed. To create a sense of suspense, we showcased an HCP stepping out of the car. As they walked in, their faces were revealed along with their names. The next scene showed all the HCPs walking to a stage, followed by a quick transition to a hospital corridor where three doctors walked forward together. The next frame showed the doctors wearing their coats and gloves, and using their laptops. The video ended with all the doctors coming together, with a hospital corridor in the background, to spread the message about participating in the webinar.

The teaser video was engaging and effective in spreading the word about the webinar. By highlighting the expertise of the HCPs and the importance of the topics being discussed, the teaser video effectively generated interest and created awareness about the upcoming webinar among the target audience of HCPs. The video's ability to capture the attention of the audience was evident by the positive response it received, and it generated significant interest in the webinar.​

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