Hverdagsplager Brand Identity

It has been noticed that mothers must acquire knowledge about common issues that children frequently encounter to effectively address these challenges, such as lice infestations, colds, and vitamin deficiencies.

Hverdagsplager Brand Identity


In addition to designing the client’s website, we also focused on enhancing the brand identity to raise awareness among mothers dealing with the daily health concerns of their children.

Hverdagsplager Brand Identity

Hverdagsplager.no is a website that looks into educating mothers on problems their child faces. These problems can include lice, cold, and vitamin deficiencies, dealing with your child’s warts. The client approached us to enhance the visibility of the website, and thus we worked on their new website and brand identity.

Our objective was to enhance the website’s user interface and user experience. We analysed the website’s appearance, as well as its logo and branding. The resulting changes were informative and aimed at empowering women to address their challenges more effectively.

Our team developed a strong website and brand identity, complete with a brand book. The client expressed satisfaction with the final results, which helped increase Hverdagsplager visibility, and praised our creativity.

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