Viatris CVM Superhero Video

Cardiovascular diseases are a critical focus for Viatris, a global pharmaceutical brand. The dedicated CVM team goes above and beyond to ensure accurate and effective medication for cardiovascular issues.

Viatris CVM Superhero Video

Transforming Viatris CVM Team Into Cardiovascular Champions

Viatris approached us to create a video that features the CVM team members as the superheroes of the cardiovascular domain. This video would be used for the internal team while being inspirational and motivational.

Viatris CVM Superhero Video

Viatris approached us to create a video for its CVM team to showcase and motivate the team members and their work. We had to recreate the video by adding new characters. The theme of the video was to showcase the CVM team members as superheroes and how they are making a difference in the world through their work (here are their superpowers). ​

Our creators created different characters and added them to the video. The characters were created with all the major elements of a superhero, such as a cap and superpowers like fire, thunder, and more. These elements represented the skills and competence of the CVM team in the cardiovascular field.​

We were able to successfully create the video by adding new characters to it. The purpose of the video was to motivate the CVM internal team members. We effectively portrayed the CVM team members as superheroes, highlighting the positive impact they are making in the world with their exceptional abilities in their work.​

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