Ialumar Campaign

A dry nose is a common problem that almost everyone faces regularly. Ialumar from Viatris is a nasal spray that relieves the dryness of the mucous membrane and promotes the humidification of the nose.

Ialumar Campaign


We executed a branding campaign for Ialumar by incorporating a creative spin that would uphold the brand in a fun, unique, and effective light.

Ialumar Campaign

Ialumar is a nasal spray used by patients to relieve the dryness of the mucous membrane and to promote the humidification of the nose. It is made from a combination of seawater and sodium salt of hyaluronic acid. The objectives of the project were to create an OTC campaign that would showcase the product as an effective solution for nasal problems during the winter.

Our concept for the campaign was to put a creative spin on it by highlighting the seawater ingredient as well as the winter season and combining them to bring forward fresh visuals that would captivate the target audience. The visual also included the product packshot and a fascinating message. The visual included design elements that portrayed the inside of a nasal passage constructed using ice to represent the winter season. Further, we have included human elements as symbolism to the product who are constantly working together to clean the passage. The visual identity was able to create a huge impact showcasing a holistic approach of the brand. 

The campaign portrayed the brand as fun, unique and effective. Every individual who constantly faces nasal problems can look at the brand as the end solution. The campaign led to an overall increase in the sales output of the brand.

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