Awear is a brand that that works in the fashion industry who believes in sustainable fashion and being environment friendly. For them, clothes should be made of sustainable fabrics.


Awear is a brand that belonging to the fashion industry. They approached us to help them create a video that portrayed them in sync with environmental safety standards and following them with utmost care. The brief for this video production was to portray how the fashion industry of and by itself is an unsustainable and how the client would be launching a website where one can come in and select latest fashion trends that would then be made of sustainable fabrics.

Our team at Skepper came together to brainstorm for idea in-line with the brief for the video that would stick to the guidelines as provided by the client.

When a direction to proceed on was decided, they were able to come up with a polished video that not only portrayed the service to be offered on the client’s website but also spoke on the impact selecting sustainable fabrics will have on the environment.

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