Lantan Campaign

Hyperphosphatemia refers to the presence of excessive phosphate or phosphorus levels in the bloodstream. Phosphate is necessary for various bodily functions, such as strengthening bones and teeth, generating energy, and constructing cell membranes. Nevertheless, an excess amount can cause to the kidneys.

Lantan Campaign


When the concentration of phosphate or phosphorus in the bloodstream is higher than normal, it is referred to as hyperphosphatemia. Despite the vital role of phosphate in strengthening bones and teeth, producing energy, and building cell membranes, excessive amounts can cause damage to the kidneys.

Lantan Campaign

Lantan is an exceptional product used to lower high blood phosphate levels in people who are on dialysis due to severe kidney disease. The client wanted to create eye-catching visuals that would talk about the benefits and convenience of Lantan.

The idea was to create appealing visuals that would showcase Lantan Mylan as easy to take treatment for patients to reduce high phosphate levels. We have a dedicated approach to ideating for the creation of the visual that represents the brand, evokes similar emotions, and communicates the message and feel.

We tried to show the happiness and joy that Lantan brings to patients' lives, as the medication is easy to chew, and less of a burden on the patient as they need to chew only three as compared to six. The idea was showcased as three is equal to six with Lantan, which makes patients more joyful.

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