United Metal Coating (UMC) Brochure

United Metal Coating LLC specialises in producing Pre-Painted Aluminum and Pre-Painted Steel Coils, with applications ranging from Roofing & Claddings to ACP Panels spanning over two decades.

United Metal Coating (UMC) Brochure

Elevating UMC's Unibond Brand Through Compelling Brochures

The primary objective of this project was to create a series of brochures showcasing the Unibond brand and its product lines. Each brochure focused on highlighting the unique selling propositions (USPs) and differentiators of these products.

United Metal Coating (UMC) Brochure

UMC faced the challenge of effectively communicating the USPs and differentiators of its Unibond brand and product lines to a varied audience. The requirement was to create informative brochures that would serve as a valuable marketing and communication tool.

Our idea revolved around creating visually engaging brochures that not only outlined the product specifications but also incorporated thematic creatives to highlight each product's USPs. This approach aimed to make the information not only informative but also compelling and visually appealing.

The result of our project was a set of impactful brochures that effectively showcased the UMC products. Each brochure was tailored to highlight specific USPs and differentiators, making it easier for the audience to understand the value of UMC's offerings. These brochures served as a powerful marketing tool for enhancing the recognition of the brand.

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