Travel Gum Materials

Travel Gum is an OTC product for travel kinetosis. While chewing this gum one can enjoy their travels and be devoid of motion sickness and nausea.

Travel Gum Materials


We were approached to create fresh, young, and engaging visuals. These mainly targeted travelers and explorers. With travel gum one can travel everywhere!

Travel Gum Materials

Travel Gum is an over-the-counter product for travel kinetosis. By simply chewing this gum, one can enjoy travelling without any concerns of experiencing motion sickness or nausea. The client wanted to create a compelling key visual that spread awareness about Travel Gum for people who face inconvenience during travelling.

We designed captivating visuals on Travel-Gum that conveyed the message of freedom in travel and enjoying a good trip. The visuals were engaging and interactive, which brought a favourable response from travellers.

Through our key visual, we effectively spread awareness about Travel Gum and made travelling a lot more convenient and secure for a vast majority of people.

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