Treclin 3D Video

Treclin gel is a quick-relief solution for acne. Rejuvenating your sun-damaged skin, it treats acne quickly from within, making your skin healthy from the inside

Treclin 3D Video

Viatris, a leading pharmaceutical company, approached us to create a video, for the South African market, which talks about the benefits of Treclin, a water-based gel designed to be effective on acne lesions, papules, and pustules. 

To showcase the medicinal benefits of Treclin, we decided to create a video featuring a high school teenage girl named Anna, who had gotten acne lesions on her face and felt dispirited. We created a storyboard that described how Treclin had helped her get rid of acne on her face and made her confident. 

In the video, we were able to narrate how Anna faced severe acne lesions on her face, and no matter what, she couldn’t get rid of them. With a voiceover describing the multifaceted benefits of Treclin, we were able to highlight the medicine and the quick treatment received by Anna. The client duly praised our efforts and appreciated them. 

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