Wockhardt Kranti Campaign

EMROK from WOCKHARDT is patented India’s first antibiotic to receive regulatory approval from DCGI for MDR-gram positive infections. The client approached us with the task of developing a campaign for the cycle meet to be held on the chosen theme of “KRANTI”, meaning revolution.

Wockhardt Kranti Campaign

Revolutionising care for gram positive patients.

Wockhardt approached us to create a logo unit, key visual, and video on the chosen theme of “KRANTI” for an emotionally charged campaign to evoke deep emotions among the doctors to embrace Emrok, a Make in India brand by Wockhardt. The campaign would also have a motivational impact on the field force.

Wockhardt Kranti Campaign

As per the client, the chosen theme “KRANTI” needs to highlight the revolution brought by Emrok in the management of difficult-to-treat gram-positive infections. The task at hand was to create a logo unit, a key visual, and a video that would effectively represent the revolution and also represent the doctors and field forces who are working endlessly to bring about a revolution of adopting advanced care and indigenous innovations. 

We designed a logo featuring a hand holding a stethoscope to symbolize doctors leading the way in advanced care. The tagline "revolutionizing care in the new era" conveys the purpose of our Cycle Meet.

In our first visual, we depicted the transition from typewriters to laptops, with people marchingtowards the laptop, led by a doctor. The caption "March towards a revolutionary move" emphasizes EMROK's role in advancing healthcare.

In the second visual, we celebrate India's space achievements, highlighting our leadership in revolutionary advancements. The tagline "Revolutionary leader - vision to innovation" adds impact.

We created a motion-graphic video showcasing Emrok's unique ability to manage MDR gram-positive infections, featuring the "KRANTI" logo unit. The video emphasizes the importance of choosing Emrok over traditional treatment methods for these infections.

We created a visually engaging logo unit, two key visuals, and a motion graphic video on the theme “KRANTI” that effectively conveyed a powerful message of bringing a revolution in healthcare - which is the primary concept of the theme. Through this emotionally driven campaign, we effectively communicated EMROK, bringing about a revolution (KRANTI) in the management of treating gram-positive infections. The campaign also initiated a behavioural shift among doctors to adopt this advanced care treatment for their patients. 

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