Viatris Lactal Balans Video

Lactal Balans is a medical device with a double active effect. It consists of lactic acid that decreases the pH-level offering nutrition to lactic acid bacteria to help them increase their levels. The bacterial flora is normalised restoring pH-levels in the vagina for combatting bacterial vaginosis.

Viatris Lactal Balans Video

The Double Active Fighter

Lactal Balans is the most purchased product in the bacterial vaginosis segment and required a video intended to create awareness about the USPs of the product. The video is intended for fertile women in the age group of 20-35 years, with or without bacterial vaginosis symptoms.

Viatris is a multinational pharmaceutical company and they required a video of 10 seconds for Lactal Balans for their social media platforms like TikTok & Instagram. Through this video, they wanted to achieve the objective of making Lactal Balans as the top-of the mind recall to consumers when it comes to bacterial vaginosis treatment. The video aimed to achieve the business objective of increasing sales by acquiring new customers and strengthen the No.1 position of Lactal Balans in the bacterial vaginosis segment.  ​​

As per the requirement and to meet the outcome of the project, we focused on developing a concept for a short video which showcased the USPs of Lactal Balans, thus creating a top-of-mind recall among fertile women. The idea of the video was encompassing the everyday hassles that a woman faces when suffering from bacterial vaginosis. The video followed a story line; asking the audience about their awareness of the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis and portraying Lactal Balans as the most preferred choice and the most sold brand for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis. The video ended with the Lactal Balans USP of the “Most Sold” brand and emphasised on the availability of the product in pharmacies. ​

We successfully created an effective video for Lactal Balans which raised awareness about bacterial vaginosis symptoms among fertile women and strengthened the position of Lactal Balans in this segment. The video was successful in creating awareness, acquired new customers, and created a top-of-mind recall for fertile women, with or without symptoms. ​

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