Virtual Orthopaedic Club

Viatris, a prominent global pharmaceutical company, organised the Virtual Orthopaedic Club, a significant virtual event.

Virtual Orthopaedic Club

Visualizing Orthopaedics: Crafting Viatris's Orthopaedic Club Logo

The challenge involved creating a logo for the Virtual Orthopaedic Club event, syncing seamlessly with its purpose and theme. The goal was to represent Orthopaedics uniquely and effectively.

Virtual Orthopaedic Club

Viatris, the global pharma company, was holding a virtual event called the Virtual Orthopaedic Club. The client reached out to us to create the perfect logo that would sync with the purpose and theme of the event.​

Since the event was catered around Orthopaedics, we decided to include a  relevant element that would highlight  Orthopaedics.​

The logo created by us had the typography “VOC,” the abbreviation for Virtual Orthopaedic Club. Inside the “O,”  we showcased a bone shape – implying the significance of Orthopaedics.’ The client appreciated the logo options and incorporated them into videos, collaterals, and digital platforms for their virtual event in the Middle East.​

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