Ziess Android Application

Eye problems are common. It can happen to anyone at any point in time. Instead of ignoring them or being unaware of them, it is time to address those problems, digitally!

Ziess Android Application


We created an android app that would help customers recognise eye problems they may be suffering from through an interactive app.

Ziess Android Application

Many people face eye problem and are unaware of them. They do not understand what problem they may be undergoing and the right treatment for it. The client approached us to create an android app that would create awareness among customers about eye problems. The application needed to be user-friendly, engaging and interactive.

We wanted to enhance awareness among patients and Doctor’s about the various eye problems. The idea was to convey to them that eye problems are common, and they may be suffering from one too! We wanted to bring this to light in a fun, interactive and playful manner.

We introduced an android application for sales representatives of Zeiss who identified the patient history and showcased to patients what exactly happens in any eye when they have problems like Myopia, Astigmatism etc. The app also showcased how Zeiss lens can help them get rid of their eye problem through an interactive demonstration through the app.

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