Clozaril Visual Identity

Clozaril, a psychiatric medication, is a crucial treatment for individuals with treatment-resistant schizophrenia, offering relief when other antipsychotic medications prove ineffective or cause intolerable side effects.

Clozaril Visual Identity

Building Clozaril's Story for Patient Well-Being

The objective was to visually convey the emotional disruption and challenges faced by schizophrenia patients and demonstrate how doctors can leverage Clozaril's benefits to help patients reconnect with real life.

Clozaril Visual Identity

Clozaril is a psychiatric medication used to treat treatment-resistant schizophrenia, providing symptomatic relief when other antipsychotic medications have failed or caused intolerable side effects.

The project's aim was to create collateral (LBL -Leave Behind Literature) for Clozaril that portrays the emotional disruption and struggles faced by schizophrenia patients to HCPs. The goal is to showcase how doctors can utilize Clozaril benefits to help patients reconnect to real life, highlighting its positive impact on their lives.

It also involves including medically accurate information like dosage, benefits, and other aspects. 

Our creative concept revolves around representing the challenges of schizophrenia through a human head filled with hallucinations and ghosts. Inside the head is a dark well of confusion, while outside, a ladder and outstretched hand symbolize Clozaril's support in the recovery process. The garden represents hope and a positive state of mind, conveying how doctors can utilize Clozaril's potential to lead patients towards a more fulfilling life.    

Additionally, we have also incorporated all the medical content, such as the dosage, benefits, and other accurate information.  

The LBL utilizes an impactful visual identity with the tagline "Reconnect Patients to Life with Clozaril" while providing accurate medical information. The LBL aims for strong brand recall by effectively using Clozaril's colours and elements. By highlighting Clozaril's function in reducing chemical activity in the brain, the visuals and the content emphasise its role in treating treatment-resistant schizophrenia and how doctors can utilize its benefits to provide hope for patients' recovery and improved quality of life.