A treatment aimed at alleviating the symptoms of nasal congestion and discharge resulting from either a common cold or an allergic reaction.



Our team developed a prominent graphic that effectively conveyed the advantages and impacts of Disneumon in alleviating nasal congestion for patients.


Disneumon is an excellent product used for rapid and prolonged decongestant action. The product is a local application, nasal pulverating and is an effective nebulizer with a mint aroma. The product helps with nasal congestion or runny nose due to allergies or colds and sinusitis. The objective of the project was to design a key visual for the product that was funny and informative. The client stressed the funny angle to be unique and humorous.

Our concept for the key visual was to mesh together the medicine packshot and the effect it would have on a patient’s nose. The visual would follow the colour scheme of the brand. The visual we finalized portrays a relieved patient wherein the packshot and their nose would have their shadows mingling to form a heart. This was done to portray how a decongested nose would help lead a smooth life with no problems.

The key visual we created for the project represented the product to be fun and showed itself to be an effective solution that would help patients with nasal decongestion. The client was pleased with our work and praised us for our creativity in including a humorous angle to the visual.

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