Ogivri Bangladesh Emailer

First FDA-approved biosimilar trastuzumab for HER2+ adjuvant and metastatic breast and metastatic gastric cancers.

Ogivri Bangladesh Emailer


We were approached to create a motivational theme for Ogiviri emailers. The theme chosen was cricket – country’s most well liked sport. Our team worked together and brought to life motivating posters that would be sent to the employees everyday.

Ogivri Bangladesh Emailer

Ogivri is an FDA-approved biosimilar for the treatment of breast cancer as well as for gastric cancer. They are a product of Mylan, a sub-brand in the Viatris family. The client reached out to us with a project. We were to help design for them e-mailers that would help motivate their employees. This was an internal project and the brief was for their Bangladesh team.

We at Skepper came together as a team to brainstorm for a theme for these emailers. We finally decided upon cricket as a theme, as it is the country’s most well-liked sport. Going with the theme, we also came up with cricket related captions to go with the graphics planned.

Our designers then came in and brought to life any posters that would act as motivators for the in-house emails to be sent. They used their expertise and designed the poster in a manner which would portray the brief that was provided. Upon submission to the client, we received positive feedback from them.

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