Covid 19 Campaign

Covid-19 is infectious disease caused by the SARS- CoV2 Virus. Not only did it affect the entire world, but it also created a setback for people mentally and gave rise to some of the common problems such as CVD, OA, Chronic Pain, Eczema etc.

Covid 19 Campaign


We created concepts revolving around the common problems that affected people during the pandemic times. Our campaign was to create awareness of being healthy, keeping healthy, and staying stress-free during the pandemic times.

Covid 19 Campaign

Malaysia Covid-19 Campaign by Viatris addressed CVD, OA, Chronic Pain, Mental Health Problems, and Eczema- some of the common problems people suffered during the pandemic. The campaign wanted to create awareness of being healthy and stress-free during pandemic times. The objective of the project was to create appealing concepts for key visuals that will communicate and also portray the importance of keeping healthy during the pandemic. Later the key visual would have collaborated with a “Navigate” material.

Revolving around the concept given by the clients, our key visual represented a man sitting at his computer and working as he gets watched over by devil's eyes which represents the many illnesses and diseases that people are targeted during the Covid-19 pandemic. This concept is seamlessly weaved into Viatris products and how they can work as a solution to get rid of all these problems.

The concept was appreciated by the clients for clearly communicating the campaign idea and for giving an emotional touch to it. The connection of the Viatris products to each of the conditions was also added as a secondary message. Not only did the concept work successfully as a key visual but it was also capable to be extended to other collaterals in the future, as desired by the clients.

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