Dr Reddy's Balefio Brand Identity

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories was going to introduce a brand named Balefio containing Abiraterone in the Brazil market, which is intended for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. The team had already worked on the conceptualisation of the key visual for the same molecule, Abiraterone. As per the client’s brief, the generic name should be 50% the size of the brand name, i.e., Balefio.

Dr Reddy's Balefio Brand Identity

Empowering Through Prostate Cancer

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories approached the team to design a logo for the brand name Balefio, containing Abiraterone, which was going to be launched in the Brazil market. The visual concept for the logo should be straightforward, clear, and readily comprehensible, without room for misinterpretations. The design may incorporate complementary elements alongside typography and icons.

Dr Reddy's Balefio Brand Identity

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories approached us to create a logo for the brand name Balefio. The brand was going to launch in the Brazil market, and the client specified that the logo creative visualisation should be straightforward, easily readable, and free from any potential misinterpretations with effective message delivery. The generic name should made up of 50% of the brand name size, and colours like red, blue, purple, and light yellow deliberately need to be avoided. The logo should be kept free from extraneous elements to prevent misinterpretations, and clear, easily legible fonts need to be used to ensure effective message delivery.

Our team of creators worked on developing the creative visualisation for the logo, which highlighted Balefio as the guiding light for patients, which will help them take control over their lives and empower them through the fight against prostate cancer. The idea followed a story flow, with the growth of cancer cells beginning in the prostate organ, undergoing rapid growth, and at that point in time Balefio enters as the fighter in the organ to disrupt the tumour's relentless replication loop.

We successfully created an effective and creative visualisation for the logo, which showcased Balefio as a beacon of hope, rising above the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells in the prostate. The logo for the brand "Balefio" was developed to create a strong and distinct brand identity while representing the unique prepositions of the brand. To prevent misinterpretations, the logo featured a clean, uncluttered design to ensure an effective communication of the message. 

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