Vacxigen Brand Identity

Vacxigen Lifesciences is a budding company committed to being a reliable life companion. They're developing a range of vaccines to safeguard against diverse infections, allowing individuals to live life to the fullest.

Vacxigen Brand Identity

Future Safeguard: Crafting Vacxigen's Identity

Tasked with crafting a logo that encapsulates Vacxigen's narrative, vision, and customer connection, our solution seamlessly integrates care and a diverse generational representation.

Vacxigen Brand Identity

Vacxigen Lifesciences is a new company that seeks to be a reliable partner in one’s life journey. They are building a bouquet of vaccines that will protect one from a wide range of infections so that one can live life the way it is meant to be lived, at its fullest.​

The company wanted us to create a logo for them. The logo was to include the company’s story, vision, purpose, and what they wanted to convey to their customers.

We worked on various logo options and finally came up with one that contained three crucial elements, such as incorporating care, a symbol that depicted “V”, and an image of people from all generations. We also created a  tagline – ‘stay protected’.​

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