Hetero Packaging Identity and Guidelines

Hetero Drugs is a prominent Indian pharmaceutical company that specialises in producing anti-retroviral drugs and recognised as the largest global producer in this field. Hetero's diversified business portfolio comprises APIs, generics, biosimilars, custom pharmaceutical services, and branded generics.

Hetero Packaging Identity and Guidelines


The Hetero team sought our expertise in creating a packaging identity and guidelines aligned with their new brand image. We designed the packaging and developed guidelines that were both compelling and consistent with their brand values.

Hetero Packaging Identity and Guidelines

After undergoing a recent rebranding, the team reached out to us to create a packaging identity and guidelines that would reflect their new brand image. They recognised the importance of a compelling packaging design to showcase their product offerings and were eager to work with us to develop an effective solution.

Our team developed a packaging design inspired by Hetero's logo that perfectly captured the essence of the brand. Our efforts extended to developing distinctive therapeutic icons and colour schemes for each therapeutic area of the brand. We paid close attention to details such as fonts and master design elements, ensuring they met appropriate measurements to create a cohesive and visually appealing final product. We ensured that the design was unique and distinct, with a clear representation of the purpose of the business. To maintain consistency and clarity, we also created a comprehensive packaging guideline.

The packaging design and the guidelines we created clearly met the client's expectations. Our design effectively communicated the value of the product to its target audience, utilising visuals and messaging that resonated with consumers. By combining our expertise in design with a deep understanding of the client's objectives, we were able to create a packaging design and guidelines that truly showcased what the product had to offer.

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