HIV Self-Test

HIV self-test kit from Mylan is a blood-based HIV self-test device that can be used by anyone and everyone for self-detection.

HIV Self-Test

Mylan HIV Self-Test is the world’s 1st integrated blood-based HIV self-test device aimed at untrained users. A simple at-home HIV screening test provides results within 15 minutes. The client required a simple animated patient education video that would communicate the importance and convenience of a HIV self-test kit for healthier living. The video was to be created for India market.

The idea was to explain the use of an HIV self-test kit. The video dealt with educating the patients and providing insight on the convenience of the kit's usage. The video highlighted the concept that it can be used anywhere and at any time. The characters have been used discretely for a powerful impact. The storyline focuses on a simple narrative so that it is relatable to every individual. We incorporated an emotional edge to the video so that it transcends through people and they realise the importance of the self-test kit. The convenience and mobility of the product have also been focused on. Our team generated a fascinating copy that mentions ‘He can, I can, and We can” to make the video more meaningful, convey a message, and reach out to the target audience - the public.

As a creative execution, the result of the video was promising as it showcasesd educational information about the product and its process of use. The communication was kept simple so that it is relatable to people. The captivating storyline with the emotional edge reached out strongly to the audience and created a powerful impact making them purchase the self-test kit for healthier living.

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