Lentris is a medication that is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor used in the treatment of thyroid cancer. It should be prescribed by the doctors and works by blocking the oxygen and nutrient supply to cancer cells due to which they stop growing.



To launch Lentris as a product we created an Augmented Reality Application that highlighted Lentris and made the launch an interesting event.


We were asked to come up with an idea to launch Lentris. Due to COVID, there was no possibility of physical interaction, and hence we were asked to look into idea that would make the product launch, a success.

To make the launch of Lentris a memorable and captivating event, we suggested utilising an Augmented Reality (AR) application. The purpose of this application would be to highlight Lentris, a new product or service, and showcase its unique features and benefits.

Our team developed an Augmented Reality app that incorporated different animation sequences. Upon scanning the QR code with any mobile device, Lentris is projected onto the surrounding environment, enhancing the user’s experience. Despite being hosted online, this AR app proved to be an exciting and successful launch.

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